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Real Estate Leads


The need to deal with real estate leads with laser precision and power, and to deliver hardcore results, continues to rise. Even as you read this article, our technical department is in overdrive updating and improving our service to our real estate customers. Our goal is to develop the most up to date state of the art solutions for the real estate industry. The internet continues to grow with an unstoppable life of its' own in a myriad of directions. The areas and places where you can contact real-live customers continues to grow every day. Social networking , blogs, communities, and forums etc. continue to expand the many places one can interface with customers.

We are committed to availing customers with the most up to date technical methods of tracking leads and their activities and gathering as much info as the net will allow. The goal is; to help our agents initiate prime-quality customer connections, complete monitoring and follow-up procedures and to empower them to make powerful connections with real buyers and sellers that will end up in a deal.

When this all rolls out brokers and agents will have a one-stop hub, complete with a management and control panel. Gone are the days of completely managing all your leads from 3 or 4 different locations. Our new "auto-marketing system" will allow comprehensive, quick, and efficient use of your time all in one location. The last thing you need is to be doing is pounding keyboard keys for hours. You will be able to incorporate a complete IDX solution. Prospects' activities will be tracked on how many times they have visited and rechecked certain properties, plus you get notifications of these activities in real time. These new tools will allow you to gain more insight into your real estate leads and be proactive in a timely fashion. You will be able to quickly maintain on-going connections with all your customers and leads with newsletters, notifications, listings, etc. with more automation and a lot less hassle.

More leads! More control! More ease! We are excited about the new levels this program will propel you to. Hope to see you there soon.

Our Goal - To make one agent in each geographic area the number one online realtor!

Real Estate Leads - You want them - You need them!
How do you get them? Getting you leads is our business, that’s what we do. You’re busy selling Real Estate and don’t have time to be your own Internet marketer. You want a real partner in your corner.  An Internet expert who cares about your success. You want exclusive Real Estate buyer leads that make you a profit. We deliver!

We harness the power of the Internet to market your business, and grow your real estate leads base. The Web has turned real estate into a new “ball game”. The evidence is in the way agents, brokers, and brokerages market themselves on the Web.  Real estate marketing is in a rapidly changing state. Many of the age-old strategies of selling real estate knowledge, expertise , company resources or a brand name in a “drive the product at the consumer” is going by the way fast.

It is crucial that you work with a partner who has a presence on the internet, and also provides you with support; real help. Our team uses many different websites and domain-names to make sure your national and worldwide leads find a home in your inbox.


Fact: over 90% of people start searching for their next home online. You better be there so they can find you. We make sure you are there. We get you connected. We provide the tools so you can win their business.

Read on! Meet your new team.

Take a new approach - learn to work your leads by doing less work. Yes, that is what I said; work your leads by doing less work. You will be using more efficient and time saving automation and organizational tools. You can only juggle so much no matter how good you are. Tools that complete work for you and keep you from missed tasks saving valuable time are worth their weight in gold. If you were to drop the ball once it could cost you a sale. How bad is that?

When you invest in our service you are paying for the leads but also receiving several great little assistants that will work for you quietly behind the scenes. They do exactly as you tell them without complaints and never go on vacation!


One of your assistants is a flexible in your face reminder/alert system. Every day you know exactly where you are and what you have to do. You waste no time, quickly moving from one task to the next. Delete completed tasks, pause tasks, re-define tasks & re-schedule task on the fly. When your day gets busy you can easily lose track of critical ongoing follow up - but not anymore! Not with our tools at your side. Brokers and Agents have learned that this kind of organization results in more closed sales. Your dedicated assistant will not let you not drop the ball.

Automated engaging communication with leads where appropriate keeps you in touch and keeps them aware of who you are and what you provide. Once you have a lead in your pipe line you want to engage them and create a great first impression and an on-going impression of availability and service. When they think of real estate your name should be the first one that comes to their mind. So set it and forget it - this is another one of your loyal little assistants who will go right to work with one click.

We can provide automatic IDX integration power assistant, another huge time saver which automatically sets your leads up on a home drip system keeping them viewing existing properties and new listings every day as they hit the market. A huge boost when you get auto alerts about the leads viewing and returning activities in real time - which properties they are viewing and how often they continue. This keeps you front and center in their minds and lends heavily towards your credibility and therefore their confidence in you. Keeping leads engaged with new, solid information and communication keeps them working with you.

You get "real time" and exclusive leads sent instantly to your phone and email giving you the opportunity to connect with a real live person immediately. Lead emails arrive with hyperlinks that allow you to perform important repetitive tasks on the fly right from your phone. Leads have the opportunity to contact you by email, text message or phone.

Brokers and Team Leaders have access to agent management tools, lead distribution tools and agent activity reports. You can easily invoke numerous flexible lead distribution scenarios. You can redistribute leads to various agents "on the fly". Leads are always clearly ID'd as to whose lead it is.

Get Free Training

We provide a free video training course to help you get up to speed fast. We also have a very accessible 1 on 1 training Coach to answer questions and walk you through any needs, now or later. We are always here to help you no matter how big or small the questions. Your coach is always available by phone or email.

Lead files downloader is quick and user friendly. You will keep a hard copy of all your leads and their info right on your desktop.

Our stealthy drone sites are out there working for you creating a much larger multifaceted presence on the web. They hover at major traffic intersections ready to connect you to the home buyers who are searching right now. They just go quietly about their business generating targeted lead and then delivering them straight to your inbox.

Why is the Internet so powerful?

  • 1. Empowerment
  • 2. Convenience
  • 3. Anonymity

Almost 96% of the people searching on the internet are looking for listings and 22% check on community information. It is interesting to note that print advertising has strongly decreased over the last couple of years. Right now only 7% of buyers and/or sellers will check the papers or magazines for exclusive real estate information.  Is it any wonder our clients receive value leads ranging from $150,000 to several million?

The internet is rapidly becoming the most critical element in effectively getting customer connections. The possibilities for connecting with buyers and sellers, as well as getting great real estate leads, is enormous. This is the very reason we are dedicated to real estate internet marketing and promotion.

According to a recent survey, 82% of U.S. households say the internet is very useful for finding info on products or services. Over 45% use the internet on a daily basis and the number of households going online is increasing by 10% per month. The public is there and you better be available to connect and meet with them. If you don’t have a vehicle to be there and meet them with: you lose. It's a new generation!

Real Estate leads from the next town, state or half way around the world now happen every day. Can you imagine sitting at your computer in California and buying a house in Washington DC., or even in the Mediterranean. You will now have the exclusive potential to get leads that would have never been possible a few years ago. Global economy is connected to your computer.

 There are a few different classifications for exclusive leads. First, there are New Home Leads. These are Real Estate buyer leads from people looking for a new home. An important note here is that many people do not own homes in the United States because of present times, and would love to get into a home as soon possible.

Availability of easy financing now has nowmade it very easy for people to buy new homes. Real Estate agents, who have complete information about new homes, their prices and mortgage rates in a particular area, can easily land an exclusive deal.

The second type of exclusive real estate leads available are Home Seller Leads. These real estate leads pertain to those homeowners who wish to sell their homes due to any number of reasons. Other types of leads generated in the United States are: commercial real estate leads, military relocation buyer leads and corporation relocation leads.

Real Estate Pal is one of the best sources in North America for getting exclusive real estate leads. With the help of its’ new technology, Real Estate Pal is able to provide live Real Estate leads to its clients before others can get them.

Do you lack confidence or experience in dealing with internet exclusive real estate buyer leads? No problem! We will help you. We provide you with lead-training and knowledge used by top Internet lead closers. Our lead-training will make sure you are on the right track from the very start. You will be confident about turning your new leads into new revenue.

Why wouldn’t I just use my own website to garner exclusive real estate buyer leads from the net? Yeah right! Good question! What is the answer? The answer is simple. Having a website on the net just doesn’t cut it. It takes much more than a website to get real leads. You need a position on the Internet in front of the traffic that need your services. Even position alone won’t necessarily do it either. You have to engage your traffic in such a way so as to capture their interest and get the real estate leads to make your business grow. Let’s face it, you don’t have time to hone all these skills and your real estate skills as well. Our service will save you time and money. We get to the core and help you develop your business.

Our pricing is fair and affordable and you will have exclusive Real Estate buyer leads in your inbox the first day you start your service with us. Let’s begin! Now you can connect to a whole new world of Real Estate leads.

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